Q: My hair is very dry, will using hair straightners damage it further?

A: Continuous use of hair staightners will dry your hair out. Always use a protective spray before using the straightners and keep the straighteners on the lowest possible heat.

Q: I want my hair up for an occasion, but I am not sure which styles would suit me.

A: If you would like your hair up, it is best if you can go to your stylist with some ideas of styles you like and maybe any hair accessories you want to wear. Always book a practise run before the occassion, so you can see what suits you and what doesn't.

Q: I enjoy my hair being coloured, is there anything I can do to make it last longer?

A: All colours have the tendancy to fade. Reds and coppers are more prone to fading. To help keep your colour for longer, try and keep you hair protected in the sun. If you are a swimmer, tie your hair back or wear a hat. There are also colour protect products on the market which are designed to keep your colour for longer.

Q: I have bleach in my hair, is it safe to go swimming?

A: It is safe to go swimming with bleach on your hair, although it is good if you are able to protect the hair from the water, as this can prevent excess dryness.